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We Offer

Armed & Unarmed Security. We offer armed and unarmed security professionals for any need. Our armed and unarmed security professionals provide thorough protection and ensure you and your property are safe at all times.

Emergency Reponse

We offer 24/Hour Emergency Response*. Some of our clients often call upon us for incidents such as neighbor disputes, parking violations, noise complaints, etc. Our highly trained officers are also available to respond to threats, fights, or any emergency where security is preferred.

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K9 Patrol

At no additional cost our clients receive the benefit of a patrol K9. Our highly trained K9 teams are extremely effective and are a major deterrent against break-ins, drug activity and overall crime on your property. Our K9 team has the ability to do the job of 4 armed guards. With the presence of our K9 teams we guarantee an overall decrease in crime and drug activity on your property.

Drug Testing / Detection

The best and most effective search program is one where we perform random periodic visits to your property. Typically, random search dog inspections create a strong deterrent against anyone selling, storing, or using narcotics. For business owners our K9 team is equipped to administer onsite drug testing with instant results.