Michigan Investigation Services

Sentinal Protection and Investigation is a full service insurance fraud investigative firm licensed for the entire state of Michigan. We provide consultation and fraud investigations to insurance companies, third party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations, and attorneys.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are not like most of our competitors. Our company is an old fashioned company with modern capabilities. Old fashioned in that our word is our bond. Our technology is state of the art, available 24/7, and designed to serve you and make your job easier. We look forward to serving you.

What Kinds of Insurance Fraud are Investigated?

In general terms, an insurance investigator tries to determine whether someone has filed a false insurance claim. There are many types of insurance investigations, including:

  • Health insurance fraud investigation. This investigation tries to determine whether someone is getting paid for health care that they are not receiving or is filing health care claims and requests that are not valid or needed. Insurance claims investigators will search billing records and make sure that doctors and patients are not colluding to commit fraud.
  • Car insurance fraud investigation. Some criminals stage accidents, in which they purposely collide with another car and then try to accuse the other driver of an accident in order to file claims. Some criminals attempt vehicle theft fraud, trying to get money for a car which was not, in fact, stolen. Insurance fraud investigators uncover these schemes.
  • Home insurance fraud investigation. In this type of insurance investigation, investigators discover disaster fraud, which includes false claims of damage. Investigators will often try to find out if the claimant has upgraded their coverage before the caim was filed. They also investigate property fraud to find evidence against those who make false claims about property damage.
  • Life insurance fraud investigation. Investigators work to uncover cases of person’s who claim life insurance while still alive or those who claim too much in life insurance. Investigators also verify the existence of an individual who has life insurance being collected.
  • Workers compensation fraud investigation. Insurance investigators work to find evidence of workers who claim compensation when not as injured as they claim. Investigators will verify the severity of the injury and whether the injury occured while the person was working.
  • Insurance company investigation. Investigators also work to uncover evidence of bad business practices at insurance companies. If an insurance company takes your money but does not compensate you as promised, a professional investigator can help you make your case in court.

Isn’t an Insurance Investigation Just for Insurance Companies?

Absolutely not. When people seek to make fraudulent insurance claims, they also often attempt to make claims from the estate of someone else they’ve implicated in the accident. For example, if someone sideswipes your car and then claims you’re at fault for the accident, not only will your premiums increase, but the criminal may actually target you to get additional money. A fraud insurance investigation by a professional investigator can uncover the scheme and can save you the hassle and costs of a court case. It can also help you keep your insurance costs down.

If you yourself have been accused of insurance fraud, a qualified insurance investigator can help clear your name by gathering evidence of the injuries or damage of sustained. This can help ensure that your insurance company pays you on time and pays you the full amount you are entitled.

How can we help?

Videotaped documentation of a claimant’s activity that falls outside of his/her stated physical abilities can be a major factor in determining the appropriate handling of a claim investigation. The trick is to consistently add value to our client’s investigative efforts.

Before we send an investigator out into the field our first step is to go to the best source of information, you, the claims specialist. No one knows that claim like you do. Next, we will review the information and gather additional intelligence to enhance our results. Adjusters tell us that other companies go out unprepared not knowing what the claimant looks like or watching the wrong house. We avoid this by utilizing our databases which reveal current and historic address histories, friend and associates, possible business ownership, driver’s license information and vehicles. If that weren’t enough, next we go to social networks to establish leads for our investigations. In many cases we will obtain photos to further identify the claimant when it isn’t available from the employer. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t charge you for searches that ensure our success, all part of our flat fee pricing.

When we have all the intelligence that is available, we use the best equipment obtainable. From state-of-the-art technology to pager cameras, zoom lenses, night vision and advance telecommunications our investigators are ready to roll. Once we are in the field we have the experience, equipment and desire to provide you with film documentation of the claimant’s daily activities.

We believe that rapid communication, excellent detailed written reports and quick turnaround times ensure success. We will provide your staff with online videos that are available to you 24/7 at your convenience. Make your assignment today!


What else can we investigate?

  • Criminal Histories
  • Driving Records Employee Backgrounds
  • Due Diligence
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • SSN Trace
  • Internet Research
  • Neighborhood Search
  • Workers’ Compensation Search
  • Civil Searches
  • Corporation Search
  • Asset Search