Manufacturing and Industrial Security

Are your customers OK with your company fulfilling orders some of the time? How about delivering almost on time?

Are you OK with a security company that almost gets it right?

As a manufacturer, your customers expect you to get it right, on time and exactly as specified. Sentinal Protection gets it. We provide the manufacturing security services exactly as specified by our industrial customers – 24/7/365. Our customers stay with us because we don’t let them down.

  • Supply chain integrity
  • Foot and motor patrols
  • Truck gates / scale service
  • Visitor / contractor control

Manufacturers understand the importance of ISO 9001 certification. Sentinal Protection is unique in the security industry by our commitment to the concept embodied by the ISO process. Our processes are defined, our people are trained and every aspect is reviewed to insure we deliver the best manufacturing security guard service, exactly as specified, every day