Office Building Security

It’s common for many office building, shopping centers, strip malls, and stadium management teams to think that hiring a security guard for the lobby entrance and the parking garage is an effective security plan. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Many of these guards are usually under trained and some even spend their whole days sitting in the lobby and reading the latest best selling novels.

Sentinal Protection officers must go through required training by a certified training facility or private patrol operator, then must pass through background checks from the State of Michigan and the US Department of Justice.

Our security guards also go through special in house training overlooked by senior training officers who continually track their progress.

If you want to implement a highly effective security program then you must implement other measures than just having a guard at the front entrance. Do you know what thieves, sophisticated criminals, or even terrorists would target in your office complex and why they would target it?

What extra security measures has your company implemented?

Some areas of concern could extend way beyond the security guard smiling at everyone coming in and out of the lobby’s front door. Delivery areas are common areas that are usually under watched and loosely protected.