Parking Lot Security

Statistically speaking, roughly 80% of all criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls, and office buildings happen in the parking garage or parking lot.

Many lawsuits related to these crimes are often due to lack of installing a highly trained security team to protect employees and customers against criminal acts.

This should be a wake-up call for you if you own or run a commercial venture that has a parking lot or parking garage.

Parking garages and lots are a whole entity unto themselves. They often cover an enormous area that, in many cases, they need a security team on their own.

For example, a shopping center, a stadium, office complex, a college campus, etc. are all ideas of huge expansive areas that can’t be adequately covered inside and outside with just a few security guards.

Most malls with big anchors stores within them take up a roughly a million square feet in between them, not to mention all the other stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and food courts that are also found inside these shopping centers.

The parking lots and garages of these shopping centers are just as big and vast in order to accommodate the millions of cars and visitors they get each year.

Simply put, it’s not enough to have just a couple of security guards to cover the entire shopping center as well as monitor every corner of the parking garage by themselves.

Having an understaffed security team is an easy way to increase your crime statistics each year. There is no way around that.

Your responsibility as the owner or building management team is to protect everyone who steps foot or drives on your property. Keeping them out of harm’s way and protecting their vehicles from vandals should be top priority.

Thieves, vandals, and criminals love large complexes such as shopping centers that are understaffed purely because there is less chance of getting caught.

Many structures located in downtown areas have whole buildings dedicated strictly for public parking.