Mission Statement

Sentinal Protection & Investigation has the tools, man power, skills, training and employees to change the industry standard on security guards. We are able to service the entire state of Michigan with top of the line security services.  We strive to supply our clients with the best of the best. Our guards are capable of being more than just a body. Sentinal Protection guards take pride in their appearance and communication skills, our guards can do everything from helping a resident at an apartment complex carry in groceries to calming down an arguing couple or taking down a subject that wishes to do physical harm to another or would like to inflict property damage.  Our mission is not to sit in a patrol car on your property and bill you for our time, our mission is to provide the absolute best security service we can provide. As your security service we understand the importance of providing a safe living, working, or shopping environment while also maintaining a great relationship with residents, employees, and shoppers. We look forward to showing you that not all security guards are the ones you are used to seeing.